16th Annual Data Protection Compliance Conference


12th & 13th October 2017 - London, UK



Sponsor Profiles

The following organisations, arranged in alphabetical order, are sponsoring the upcoming 16th Annual Data Protection Compliance Conference in London:





Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, ContextSpace is the state-of-the-art operational security and privacy platform for addressing GDPR requirements in web, mobile and server applications.

Uniquely, ContextSpace enables each consumer to hold any number of massively rich profiles, across any number of independent organisations and communities, under full consumer consent and control and with the industry’s strongest data protection safeguards.

Our cloud, premises or hybrid platform and available managed services provide a truly integrated “one-stop-shop” of operational, ready to use security and privacy capabilities.  This is the platform that can greatly accelerate your company’s GDPR-compliant digital programme.

With over 5 million users, ContextSpace is a proven solution for Service Providers, Health Networks, Utilities, Financial Services, Multi-channel Enterprises, Retail Loyalty Networks and Smart Cities – or all of the above simultaneously. For more information, please visit us at www.contextspace.com






eCase is a comprehensive and intuitive case management system that helps organisations manage SARs, FOIs, EIRs, Complaints and Correspondence.

eCase helps you manage caseloads and ensure responses are timely, consistent and quality-. Case drafters, subject matter experts, managers and reviewers can all collaborate instantly through cloud-based eCase.

eCase is ready to incorporate the changes to SARs that GDPR will bring, including time limit changes and fee removal.

Choose eCase for faster, cheaper and more secure case processing and management, so you have time to focus on the response. Visit www.ecase.co.uk  






Hunton & Williams


Hunton & Williams’ Global Privacy and Cybersecurity practice is known throughout the world for its deep experience, breadth of knowledge and outstanding client service. Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 and Computerworld magazine, all have named Hunton & Williams as a top firm for data protection and privacy. In addition to our legal practice, we distinguish ourselves through our Centre for Information Policy Leadership, which boasts the active participation of 40 leading multinational corporations.

For more information, visit http://www.hunton.com







Nymity is the leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office. Nymity’s suite of solutions help organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. Organizations all over the world rely on Nymity’s solutions to proactively and efficiently manage their privacy programs – empowering them to comply with confidence..


For more information, visit https://www.nymity.com








Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an international presence, OneTrust is the leading global software to operationalize data privacy compliance and Privacy by Design. OneTrust automates privacy impact assessments and data mapping, identifies privacy risks, and enforces risk management and control activities in an integrated and agile approach.

Our web-based software provides a central repository for privacy professionals to collaborate with business groups, service providers and trusted advisors managing privacy risks across customer data, employee data, and vendor data transfers. The result is the ability to demonstrate accountability and compliance with EU's data protection requirements (GDPR, BCR, Privacy Shield), and globally across privacy jurisdictions and frameworks.


For more information, visit http://www.onetrust.com






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